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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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political payback. the republican-ioled house votes down a democrat-backed bill, hours after a republican bill falls short in the senate. what's next in washington? >> good evening. i'm andrea fujii, in for adam may. the in nation is now three days away from a deadline to raise the debt ceiling. and they are in a stalemate. >> it is not suspended and the bill is not passed. >> they rejected senator harry reid's plan to raise the debt ceiling, even before they could take up the bill. democrats are taking up a plan. >> i think you'll see the plan become the basis for the final
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bill, which passes monday night. >> reid's bill passes in the senate. they passed a bill saturday, calling it reckless. it requires the backing of at least seven republicans to schedule a test vote for 7:00 monday morning. >> we know the reid proposal will not pass the senate. we know it will not pass the house. and my view is we ought to end that shar -- charade and get serious. >> reporter: the president says he wants a bill on his desk by tuesday. >> the time for compromise on behalf of the american people is now. >> congress pledged to work through the weekend. if both sides can come to an agreement by tuesday, though, the government says it won't be able to pay all of its bills. >> that could not only hurt the economy, but jeopardize social security checks and veterans benefits. they asked the chairman of the joint chiefs of staffs if they'll get their paycheck, if
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the nation defaults. president obama is keeping a close eye on negotiations. he called democratic leaders back to the white house for more faulks this afternoon -- talks this afternoon. >> on friday night, the house passed republican speaker john boehner's plan to trim $917 billion from the budget. but the senate quickly tabled the bill. reid said that plan may still be used in a framework in a compromise deal. local lawmakers are front and center in the debt battle. weijia jiang has reaction from a maryland leader. weijia? >> reporter: andrea, political lawmakers who are caught up in that brawl say they are not shy to admit, a worry could be defaulting for their constituents. >> reporter: for every outcry from angry taxpayers, demanding a solution to the debt crisis. >> this is a phony crisis. it's been raised for -- time and time again. president reagan raised it
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what? 18 times? >> there is reaction in washington. >> the biggest core part of their policy is trickle-down economics. it failed in the reagan years. and it's failing again. >> reporter: the congress has not come up with an answer, despite a fast-approaching deadline to reach a deal. outraging marylanders who have much to lose. >> it's not helping any of us. and iand i think we should all be descending on them in washington right now. >> you have to balance a budget. two and two is four, not four trillion. come on, people. get reality. if i'm going to give my social security up, how about you all putting up your future? >> reporter: 1.4 million marylanders are on social security and medicare. elijah cummings says cuts there would only be the start. >> you have to look at not only what you spend but what you bring in. and basically, they said, no, we wanted to cut, cut, cut. and for a state like maryland,
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it would affect us tremendously. everything from police officers to teachers to food inspection. you name it. i guess we need a third party. and we need people to be out in the streets, protesting what's going on. this is our country, after all. >> several lawmakers were working in washington. they say they are doing whatever they can to come to a deal in this very pressure- packed weekend. we're live in baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, weijia. wjz will keep following the debt debate, and let you know as soon as there is a deal struck in washington. . in other news, baltimore police are looking for a gunman who struck several people overnight, killing one. investigators say they found a 31-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound to his chest in the 4700 block of bolin avenue. that man later died from his injuries. a short time heart, two more victims turned up at area helicopters -- hospitals.
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detectives believe they, too, were shot on bolin avenue. anyone with information is asked to call police. three men are recovering tonight after a suspect opened fire on them. the men were in the 500 block of west hossman street, when an unknown suspect approached them and followed all of them. it happened just after 11:30. after the shootings, the suspects took off. a deadly anne arundel county hit-and of run. -- hit-and-run. they believe the woman was struck and killed by a bicyclist on the morning of july 14th. it happened on richie highway north and bonaire avenue. the vehicle is dark maroon. but the make and model are unclear. if you recognize it, meas call police. -- please call police. a fire scorches a south baltimore home. just before 2:00 in the afternoon, firefighters were called to a fire at a home on 4t street. everyone in the house made it out okay.
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the cause remains under investigation. another sizzling saturday out there. a live look outside right now. will there be any relief soon? it's beautiful, though. meteorologist bernadette woods is live with an updated look at updated first warning live doppler radar. hello everyone. we had a cold front go through. humidity levels have been dropping. temperatures not all that much. they can see right now, it is 95 degrees right now. to turn around to the north. but what we're going to do is open it up and show you, the is just off to the south, with thunderstorms. and it will may back into this forecast. we'll have all of that coming back shortly. andrea? >> good things do come to those who wait. but baltimore county leaders say the wait is over on a multimillion-dollar construction project in owings mills. it is designed to bring business and buyers back to the area. >> it's the case of build it and they will come. in owings mills. that's why baltimore county
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leaders are doubling their efforts on a long-awaited construction project. this week, the groundbreaking finally came. >> i know that we are all okay. with having grown old waiting for this building. but we're glad not to have to grow very, very old to wait for this building. >> it's called owings mills metro center. a mix of columns and businesses that will boast 120,000 square feet. and it's snug between the owings mills metro station and the mall. also planned for the facility, the county's largest library branch. the price tag for it all, $30 million. these this is a great addition to owings mills. and not simply because of the resources here but because of the energy it's going to give to this community. >> reporter: right now, economists say owings mills is in an economic slump. its mall lost dozens of stores, starting in the late 90s, and never quite recovered. business owners say the train means easy access to the area,
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and the attraction to the metro center, will spill over to the mall. >> that will bring traffic here during a period of the day, which may not otherwise be utilizing the parking lot. so that's an added benefit to this particular project. >> reporter: while the construction is more than a decade in the making, neighbors will have to wait a little longer before they see this new building. that's because the grand opening isn't until 2013. in owings mills, i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, gigi. the county says the building will also be a green one and have classes for the class's community college. a baltimore library goes high-tech. starting next month, the enoch pratt free library will be offering up e-readers to its members. they will each have 14 e-nook readers available to borrow. each one will be preloaded with 22 titles, including best sellers, fiction, nonfiction, and books for children and
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teens. library officials hope it will bring a new wave of readers. >> we are in an industry, where things are changing. and we decided to embrace it instead of run away from it. >> members can check out e- readers for three weeks, as long as there are no late fees on their library cars. pretty cool. coming up on wjz, putting all hope in a string of dna. lawyers for amanda knox try to toss out their murder conviction. lawyers say they prove nothing. tropical storm don misses texas. why ranchers are disappointed. royal wedding take 2. when a star-studded event, queen elizabeth's granddaughter takes her prince. ,,,,,,,,
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have questions? you can even chat live with a fios agent. so don't wait. visit price. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. welcome back. amanda knox is in court again today, as she continues to appeal her murder conviction. today, the prosecution tried to poke holes in the testimony of independent forensic experts who say much of the dna evidence crucial to her contradiction -- conviction is inadmissible. most of this centers on a kitchen knife. her family hopes the dna testimony is a turning point in the case. >> i hope that today, everything remains very clear, that there were huge mistakes made in the gathering of evidence and in the analyzing of evidence and that, you know,
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combined with the fact that there is no evidence of amanda in that room, will show everybody that she truly is innocent. >> the innocent expert will say it is marked by more than 50 errors. knox's trial will resume in september. it's being called a miracle. 163 people have survived a plane crash. the caribbean airlines jet has touched down on a wet runway. only four people had serious injuries. the night originally took off from new york. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> tropical storm don fizzled over texas. it created big waves on the coast, but the national weather service says the storm dropped less than an inch of rain before it passed into mexico. many texans were hoping the storm would help ease the state's drought. but it was a disa --
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disappointment to ranchers. britain celebrates another royal wedding. today, married english rugby star. prince william, wife kate middleton, and the british monarch herself were among them. the couple met in a bar, in snoi, australia -- sydney, australia, during the 2003 rugby campaign. >> i wonder if her dress is going to get as much height as kate's will. >> so welcome to the weekend. nice once again. >> thank you. nice to be here again. >> and a hot one. not quite as extreme as yesterday. but we were talking about quite a stretch of hot weather here. today makes it the 14th day in a row, where we're 90 or above. so yes. this is where we sit right now. we're still in the 90s outside. we're coming in at 94 degrees. and temperatures are going to
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continue to run very warm, as we head through the next few days. we'll have that forecast when ,,
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that's a live look outside. guess what. it's hot. it's not going to get cool any time soon, i understand. >> bernadette woods has a look at first warning weather. >> a lot of people are talking now. you hear the debate. it's summer. or this is really extreme. yes, we do specifically get warm. and this is when you see your heat cells. but our numbers have been way above average for a long time. but the thing we haven't really gotten a break in between the heat waves. and even today, take a look. we got to 96 degrees. close to the record of 98. yesterday was 101. we were down from that. so we haven't been in the 80s for a long time. and the average is this time of year, starting to drop once again. it already peaked out at 88
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degrees. now it's on its way down to 87 degrees. at this hour, we're coming in to 97 in baltimore. take a look at temperatures across the state. it is warm everywhere. however, the one difference compared to yesterday, look at those dew points, they were in the 70s there. now down to the 50s. that's because a cold front came through. and winds have now turned around to the northwest, bringing in dryer air, but not exactly cooler air. because of everything that is going on, there still is an air quality alert in effect for the d.c. area that will be dropped tonight at 8:00. here's the cold front that made its way through. behind it, not a whole lot going on. you can see the moisture out in front of it. even though it's a cold front, and the dew points have dropped, temperatures really aren't going down. everyone is warm, if not hot out there. you just see the reds and oranges everywhere. that's what we're going to be dealing with for the next couple of days. this front made its way through. a little bit of a break.
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still in the 90s for tomorrow. by monday, start to see the dew points starting to gun. humidity levels starting to build once again. and the chance for a shower or thunderstorm monday as this front comes through. but also, like the last one, huge relief behind it, although it may knock temperatures down a couple of degrees. that's about it. so the forecast on the water is like this. we're talking 84 degrees. bay temp has come down a little bit here. winds turn around. going down to about 70 from the outlying areas will be in the 60s overnight. then tomorrow, you go back up to the 90s. 92 degrees. humidity levels will start to build. we'll see this dew point back into the 60s, starting to fill the thickness in the air outside. cold front. here's for a shower or thunderstorm with it. we're still in the 90s as we head through the middle part of the week. overnight lows, still in the 70s in a lot of cases. andrea. >> thanks, bern. i'll still take a hot day over a snow day any day, that's for sure. what's coming up in sports? >> well, we're talking a lot
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about the ravens. they had their second day of practice. we'll tell you what they're up to. plus, orioles in new york. we'll give you details on that and much more as soon as we get,
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welcome back. stan is here with our wjz, the fan, sports report. >> the ravens. that's the top story, i would say, with the orioles not doing so well. but they did re-sign 12 of their own free agents today. nonetheless, more news. ravens under restricted free agent, quarter chris car. didn't want to leave after two science because, he says, you want to be in a place where you're happy and winning. for that reason mainly, car has
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re-signed on the new contract. other teams interested. but as fate would have it, the 16-year veteran filling in. chris car, staying. hoping to fill the defense of secondary intact. in the meantime, in owings mills, the crash course. ravens training camp. continuing the quest during the first full day of practice. >> i just lost it basically to see how i felt during the season. seeing how it would affect me towards the end of the season. i felt like last year, i was kind of getting a little worn down, just having so much weight on. i also want to see how much it felt this year. but i lost about 20 pounds. >> that was ravens' defensive tackle haloti ngata. more nfl news.
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34-year-old plaxico burress, recently released on a gun charge. talks to steelers about maybe coming back. and the guy you see right there. new orleans rookie, the guy who ran reggie bush out of town. heisman trophy winner came to terms with them today. well, baseball. koji ueharra is about to be dealt with the rangers. today, j.j. hardy with an rbi. that ties this all up at 2-2. chris tillman started up good. but boy here, bottom of the 40, watch nick swisher at the plate. crushing tillman's pitch. out of the park. new york takes the first on the double header by the final of 8- 3. orioles wrap up their series. catch that game live at 1:00, here on wjz 13. and finally, michael phelps.
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the olympic gold medal winner. well, he was at the world championship at shaping high -- shanghai today, seeking his third gold medal. here he is. in the 100-meter butterfly. he wanted it, he got it. in a winning time of 50.71 seconds. >> did you see the swimmer from japan? his last name was fujii. but he didn't place. >> it's a small world after all. >> long, lost swimming relative. >> distant cousin. >> i didn't know that. but he didn't win. oh, well. next time. >> close second maybe. be sure to watch cbs's primetime lineup. it's 48 hours mystery followed by wjz eyewitness news at 11:00. and coming up tonight at 11:00, on wjz. police in norway find out new information about the massacre that killed 77 people. what the suspect revealed during an interrogation. and the fbi makes an
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announcement in the case of a missing girl from new hampshire. the new development that could help crack the case. that's next tonight at 11:00. a soldier in afghanistan is able to see the birth of his son, thanks to the internet. james jasinowski is on the other side of the world. but he watched live, via skype, as his second child was born in cleveland. the hospital's nursing coordinator helped coordinate this. james says he can't wait to hold him when he returns home in january. a new challenge for a chimpanzee in thailand. the 2-year-old chimp named dodeo, unfortunate name, has been trained to feed tiger cubs out of a bottle. trainers say they worked with the chimp until he picked up the habit. it's worked out so well so far. but soon the tig cub -- tiger cubs will outgrow dodeo and move to an area more their side. >> he looked like he was taking
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some of that milk for himself, too, in between. >> baby animals are always cute. >> thanks for joining us. watch wjz tonight at 11:00. have a great night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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